Who and What do you shoot? This awkward question inevitably comes up in every conversation I have with someone looking to get photographs done- especially when we are talking about boudoir photography! I know reaching out to a photographer can be intimidating and when looking for someone to shoot you intimately it can be down […]


Come EXACTLY as you are & we will Fucking celebrate it!!!


Y’all – I am not okay – I was not made to be a stay at home anything! Sitting around the house all day surrounded by only my 6yr old and no adult interaction until the hubs comes home is not my idea of living my best life (We can’t even go to the beach […]


Dunkaroo dip, Tiger King, Love is Blind & Other ways to deal with quarantine…


No I am not joking 😂 Y’all the real estate market in Savannah moves FAST! Like goes on the market and sells a few hours later fast 😫 We looked at so many houses – made offers on 3 and lost all of them – we were so discouraged and ready to stop looking for […]


We are buying a house, and my husband has never seen it 🤣