I LOVE when my clients want to get creative with me!! So when Katie contacted me to do a Dirty Thirty – RIP to my youth session I was SOOOO EXCITED!! Have a big milestone to celebrate? Want an out of the box session? Let’s chat!!! 💙- Christin


Dirty Thirty – RIP to my youth


Oh hey there – long time no see. I just realized that I never gave an update on our house purchase! Lol Recap : the housing market moves crazy fast in Savannah right now – so with my hubby’s crazy schedule it left little time to actually go look at houses together. My Realtor was […]


We are buying a house & my husband has never seen it – The update 🙌


Y’all – I am not okay – I was not made to be a stay at home anything! Sitting around the house all day surrounded by only my 6yr old and no adult interaction until the hubs comes home is not my idea of living my best life (We can’t even go to the beach […]


Dunkaroo dip, Tiger King, Love is Blind & Other ways to deal with quarantine…